Generic Levitra – Major Medication To Treat Male Impotency

Levitra was second major medication that came out to help those with erectile dysfunction. Generally called Generic Levitra, It gives the same benefits as the name brand and does it at a fraction of the cost Generic Levitra is an oral prescription medicine which treats a condition called Erectile Dysfunction(ED) or Impotence in men. Impotence is a Sexual Problem in which men find it quite difficult to have erections for longer durations of time.

The main ingredient of Generic Levitra is Vardenafil. Vardenafil increases the blood flow in the sexual organ faster by relaxing all the muscles of the organ.

Generic Levitra consumption

Generic Levitra should be consumed at least 1 hour prior to the sexual play. Since, Generic Levitra is an Oral Medicine so t can be swallowed with or without food. Generic Levitra provides immense pleasure once the sexual organ is sexually stimulated.

Dose Of Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra should be taken only once a day as required. As far as the dosage is concerned, Vardenafil’s dose varies from patient to patient. To know actual dose ,one should consult doctor.

Side Effects Of Generic Levitra?

Stomach upset, flushing or redness in the face, headache, nausea, abdominal pain, back pain, facial oedema, artharalgia, myalgia, rashes, Dizziness, heartburn, diarrhea, urinary tract infection, visual changes, stuffy nose, itch are the possible side effects of Generic Levitra. But these side effects are mild in nature and occur for only short duration of time.


Levitra is not for women or children. Read if you are planning any type of surgery.

Who must consult their Doctor before taking Generic Levitra

People who are suffering from different problems such as-

Heart problems like: angina, heart failure, and irregular heartbeats.

Low blood pressure or high blood pressure.

Had a stroke

Liver problems

Kidney problems

A rare genetic eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa.

Stomach ulcers

A bleeding problem

A deformed erectile organ shape.

Blood cell problems like: sickle cell anemia, or leukemia.must consult their doctors.