Invisible Wonders of the Human Body

Most people would agree that the physical human body is a wondrous creation. It is a self-regulating system which has automated its most essential functions, it can repair itself when injured, and it can defend itself against viruses and illnesses which would attack its internal organisms. Yes, this amazing vehicle, which we mostly take for granted, is a miracle of creation in itself, but when we look further and discover there are many other facets to the human body beyond what we can see and touch, then this wonderment turns to awe. Continue reading Invisible Wonders of the Human Body

The Most Important Figures in the History of Astronomy

Pythagoras (582 – 507 B.C)

A famous pre-Socratic era Hellenic philosopher, Pythagoras of Samos, Ionia, is for the most part best-known through his work as registered by his followers, the Pythagoreans. His followers thought that everything in the cosmos, including abstract thoughts, could be measured and carried in mathematical measures. Maybe what Pythagoras is most celebrated for is his uncovering of the Pythagorean theorem. Basically, the theorem assisted early mathematicians including Euclid to constitute presumptions and assist encourage the maths. In the area of the ascending scientific discipline of pre-astronomy, Pythagoras made-up a route for afresh astrology that enclosed an ingredient of practical maths, which would demonstrate assistive in the futurity of astronomy. Continue reading The Most Important Figures in the History of Astronomy