Amazing Selling Machine Review (ASM5)

In this post, I am going to try to deliver an Amazing Selling Machine review as unbiased as I can. I will admit it’s has to not get excited at the opportunities and new dimensions ASM opens, but I will still try to stick to facts to help you decide.

SEO Catalyst Review & Bonus

Every day new SEO software and tools are hitting the market. However, few are actually worth the cost. Does SEO Catalyst fit into this category? Let’s take a look.

Here is a video review of SEO Catalyst you might want to watch. You can look down below if you prefer to read.

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John Gibb and Mo Miah developed SEO Catalyst. However, the real mastermind behind the program is John. Mo was more of the develper that transformed the ideas into the software.

In simple words, SEO Catalyst is a management tool for blog networks that will make it easier and streamlined when posting content to the network feeder sites. However, it can be used as a way to get a stronger domain for the network and you can build it to withstand the test of time.

As a seasoned Internet marketer, John has specialized in many great niches. Over the course of the last ten years, he has built up an empire of health niches and sites that are bringing in 5 to 6 figures on a monthly basis for him. The results speak clearly and John obviously knows his stuff.

When John’s network started getting bigger he came up with the idea of the SEO Catalyst. He had many niches to promote and wanted to grow his market. It soon became very overwhelming and he wanted to promote it. As he began to manage networks it became tedious to keep up with all of it. He bagan to slack off and miss his linking schedule.

Soon this translated into thousands of dollars that he wasn’t getting. For this reason he sought a solution such as SEO Catalyst.

Mo sent out an email announcing the new tool. It was like a gift from heaven but many had their reserves. While the idea was cool, was it really worth the price?

Thankfully, John utilizes SC in his actual business practices. This is what has earned him his bread and butter. This is what has earned him his advertising revenue.

Currently, many use the SEO Catalyst in business on a daily basis and it’s never let them down. Better yet, it’s always being improved and upgraded. New features are being released frequently and the old features are being improved.

The Verdict:

SEO Catalyst is exactly as it’s described. One great tool that works smoothely and efficiently to help its users achieve the high SERP rankings and save them a lot of time as well as money. No headaches and no need to wonder where that next paycheck is coming from. If you’re quick and you grab it up now, you can get it at the huge 62 percent discount. It’s a no brainer, you gotta have this if you want to be successful in your niche marketing. It’s quick, it’s easy and you don’t have to spend a lot of time getting it going.

Downlod SEO Catalyst

My SEO Catalyst Bonus

I know you will find a lot of bonus packages out there offering 100s of courses and ebooks. But believe me, it’s gonna be junk… worthless PLR that I can get for less than $10 if I wanted to offer it here as a bonus.

Instead, I chose to offer something WAAAY more valuable.


I will show you how to really high quality EXPIRING (not expired) domains for a very affordable price. There are really kickass when it comes to ranking your sites or your clients.

Bonus #2

I will give you the exact recipe I use to rank for sports events like the super bowl for example. This formula can be applied to any kind of keyword for sure fire rankings that stick like glue.

You are getting information I had to pay $5k to learn. I am not saying it has this value while I got it in a $47 ebook. That’s literally what I paid to get into a coaching group where I learned this. And you get it as a part of my bonus.

I am still recording the vids and putting together tuts for you. You will be prompted to register so I can deliver the bonus in a couple days time.


3 Simple Internet Marketing Tips That Work For Building A Real Online Business

Making money online is a powerful draw for many people. Some just want a nice little side business that gives them some extra cash they can use to spend on neat things, pay the bills or save for retirement.

Others love the idea of making enough from their own business to quit their job and do it full time but don’t have the cash or the desire to invest in a traditional business like owning a restaurant or cleaning service, etc.

So they look to the internet. What’s really important to understand is that these internet marketing tips you are about to read are going to help you build a real online business, one that you can grow for the long term and even eventually sell for a nice sum if that’s what you want to do.

That means avoiding ‘shiny object syndrome’ and getting away from the secret tactics or cash making ‘loopholes’ of the day. This is not a successful approach to internet marketing. Not for the long term, anyway.

If you follow these loopholes you may make a little cash this week or even this month and next month, when it stops working, you’ll be frantically searching for the next loophole.

You need to build your online business on a solid foundation, not quicksand, with internet marketing tips that set you up for success.

1. Build An Email List

No matter what type of internet marketing business you are going to build, whether it’s a service based business, selling your own information products, or even opening up an e-commerce store to sell widgets, everything you do in your business should be geared toward building an email list of prospects and an email list of customers.

Let’s say you offer a service, like freelance writing. You can offer prospects a short report you wrote for free, on the topic of how high quality content can help them grow their business. You give them this report for free in exchange for their email address.

Then you can continue to keep in touch via an email newsletter where you continue to educate your prospects on the value of great content and how to use it. The idea is to turn these prospects into customers who hire you as their freelance writer.

The same goes for selling your own information products. You are still giving them quality information and educating them so that they will buy what you have to offer, but it’s a product instead of a service.

Yes, you can do the same with physical products. Just take a look at the kind, They constantly market to their current customer base. This is how they make money.

Amazon loses money on acquiring new customers but the lifetime value of that customer, because of great marketing by Amazon, including via email, eventually turns the company a profit.

2. Create High Quality Content

The internet is all about content, whether it’s via the written word on your blog, audio via podcasts or videos you put up on You Tube or Daily Motion, you must deliver great content for your prospects.

By creating great content in a variety of formats like audio, video and the written word, you maximize your marketing reach, getting in front of as many prospects as possible. Then, with each piece of content, you encourage them to get on your email list

3. Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is all the rage nowadays but for most businesses, it isn’t used properly. It’s great to post inspirational quotes and pictures of cute cats but is that growing your business? Probably not! You need to combine your high quality content with a social media presence.

The purpose of social media is to get people to share, pin, tweet and like your content to get it in front of more eyeballs and turn those eyeballs into fans and followers. Then you want to get them on to your email list.

There are lots and lots of different business models you can use with internet marketing because internet marketing is not a business, it’s another form of marketing, just like placing ads in a magazine or on television, or writing articles in trade magazines.

The formula is simple – create great content, get them on your list, and market what you are selling. Forget the shiny objects and loopholes and follow these internet marketing tips an you have a great chance of succeeding with your own online business.